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Some thoughts upon retiring from a long career

The “farewell” tour I’ve made during the months leading up to my retirement has been one of the highlights of my entire career. Listening to the stories and hearing the comments of hundreds of employees and students, I’ve never felt … Continue reading

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Goodwill’s evolution – an organic process

For years, I’ve considered the most unique aspect of Goodwill to be the way and the extent to which we blend business and a social mission. More recently, though, perhaps equally unique is the extent to which we are leveraging … Continue reading

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Forty years experience summarized on one chart

Forty years after starting my Goodwill career, I attempted to summarize on one chart the essence of what I have learned about the ingredients necessary to sustain organizational success over a long period of time. Here’s a brief explanation of … Continue reading

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Adapting to Technological Changes

The fastest growing part of our organization is our ecommerce unit. By enabling us to sell many items for substantially more than they would sell for in a Goodwill store, our ecommerce operations enable us to be better stewards of … Continue reading

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The Five Basic Principles

Individuals who want to have a good reputation need to follow some pretty basic rules, such as: Don’t lie, steal, or cheat Do what you say you will do Never do anything you wouldn’t want posted on the Internet for … Continue reading

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Employing people with limited options

Employing people with limited options – Nothing we do is more important At Goodwill, the collection and sale of used goods has always been a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The organization grew out of … Continue reading

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Three Essential Characteristics of Good Organizational Leadership

Organizations that excel over long periods of time typically have been able to sustain strong leadership over a relatively long period of time. They have good governing bodies and effective chief executives, and they aspire to become something better than … Continue reading

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